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Vampire Survivors is a time-separated survival game in which players have to fight off thousands of night monsters and try to survive until dawn. The basic objective of Vampire Survivors is to endure for 30 minutes. Players' goal is to keep their chosen character alive while enemies attack in increasing numbers and severity. New weapons and accessories can be obtained as the player levels up and kills a large number of hostile monsters. Kill thousands of nighttime creatures while enduring until daylight! Players will need a large arsenal of powerful weapons. Because without it, it is impossible for you to defeat an enemy force. This roguelike game offers you everything: Cross, garlic, the King James Bible, magic wand, ect? The decision is yours, but try to use them wisely. Develop your abilities to become the strongest warrior. Make the most of your heroic survival by fighting mercilessly against terrifying hell creatures!

An excellent game on PC

Vampire Survivors is among the greatest offers you can get on PC. The horde mode in Vampire Survivors' straightforward, expansive battlefields is its focal point. You choose a character from a list of Belmont clones as you attempt to endure a swarm of ghoulies and ghosties. These goblins and ghosts are already increasing in strength and quantity over the course of a 30-minute period. The first fantastic shocker in "Vampire Survivor" is how it handles shooting. Each weapon has a varied AoE, fire rate, and damage profile. All of this makes them all mechanically distinct. Instead of directly aiming at enemies, the weapons have a timed shooting pattern that depends on your positioning and that of your enemies.


The objective of Vampire Survivors is to survive against creatures by choosing a playable character and entering a large battle field. Player only has one weapon at the beginning to fight the adversaries. By defeating opponents, player accumulates experience and levels up, enabling them to purchase new weapons and passive items. In addition, upgrade their current ones to aid in surviving the more difficult monsters still to come.

Destructible light sources can be occasionally destroyed, emerge with adversaries and drop gold coins as well as other helpful goodies that aid the player in fighting them off. With the gold that the player earns, they can buy new characters and power-ups that will help them in future games.

How the Game Works

First off, this game is essentially a spin on a bullet hell shooter. Moving your character is the only thing you need to be concerned about. Simply travel around and try to avoid dying for as long as you can while hovering up experience points, power-ups, and coins as you go. You don't even need to think about aiming.

You will have new fighting abilities against your opponents every time your character levels up. Vampire survivors also don't have a concept of "winning." Your only objective is to live as long as you can, and ideally, you'll live a little bit longer each time you play. You can use the coins you find to concurrently upgrade all of your characters and unlock new ones. The only other concern is unlocking new power-ups and maps by meeting prerequisites like enduring a lengthy period of survival or raising the level of specific weaponry.


What is unique compared to the Steam version?

While the web version on Itch should be viewed essentially as a demo, the Steam version receives frequent content updates.

Can the save file be transferred to the Steam version?

There are plans to look into it, but the likelihood that it will materialize is extremely low.

Why is Vampire Survivors so popular?

The simplicity of Vampire Survivors is undoubtedly a factor that is tribute to its success. When the oncoming hoard is closing down on you, it suddenly becomes difficult to survive since your weapons aren't powerful enough or fire too slowly.

How To Play

Controlling Your Hero

Vampire Survivors can be played with a keyboard, mouse, or controller. To help you choose the one that works best for you, we have provided information about several input techniques.


If at all possible, we advise utilizing a game controller. Using a game controller will help you control your character more precisely than a keyboard or mouse. Tips to increase your survivability is moving your character slowly on the gaming controller's joystick. With this input technique, there are 16 different movement directions that are conceivable.


The W, A, S, D keys on your keyboard are used to maneuver your character. But this type of control will limit the movement possibilities. You will have a choice between eight different movement directions when using this input technique.


When both mouse buttons are pressed, dragging the mouse will move the character. Although it has a restricted range of motion, the mouse simulates an analog stick. The result may be clunky or awkward gameplay.

A visible joystick overlay will appear where you click if the settings menu's "visible joystick" option is enabled. We recommend clicking directly on your hero to find out where the center of the joystick is.

How to survive

Although the game is quite easy to comprehend, there are many strategies and techniques that can help you survive for more than five minutes. To help you dive into the game as soon as possible, we've highlighted the greatest ones below:

Never think about what you're attacking

This game draws a lot of inspiration from bullet hell shooters, among other things, so, you shouldn't always concentrate on the target of your attack. Avoiding damage is the most crucial aspect of the game, and the best way to achieve it is to concentrate on bobbing and weaving between attackers. Your opponents will die either way if you pick upgrades wisely.

Attempt to recall event timing

Every map has a unique moment when enemies shift or specific events begin. For instance, you'll be surrounded by a large number of skeletons in the Mad Forest at about the 10-minute mark. You may be better equipped to handle these situations when they arise if you attempt to predict when they will occur.

Don't be greedy

As in any intense game, it's crucial to learn to control your greed. Just like in a Soulslike, you don't want to suffer chip damage because you just had to get an extra hit in. Here, the same holds true. Don't risk it just because a chest appears alluring; make sure you'll be safe first.

Learn to herd

In the Black Ops era, if you played a lot of Call of Duty: Zombies, you should be familiar with this technique. Keeping your opponents under control is crucial. To grab your enemies more safely, learn to circle around them and guide them away from locations with lots of pickups or chests.

Movement swiftness, luck, and laurels are all important

Movement Speed, laurel, and luck are among the least appealing upgrades, but they have the potential to make the largest game-changing improvements. To evade some opponents, such as exploding ghosts and bat swarms, which move swiftly or arrive in huge groups, you'll need to move quickly. If you find yourself in a tight spot, laurels are fantastic since they can act as a get-out-of-jail-free card to prevent more damage. The likelihood of receiving beneficial upgrades, as well as the likelihood of obtaining healing goods or vacuum orbs from torches, are all increased by luck.

Think twice when selecting armor power-ups

Although it might seem like a safe pick, armor is rarely going to be all that beneficial in comparison to the majority of the other items you'll be given. It is much better to use your upgrade on a piece of equipment that completely protects you from harm, either by killing an opponent or giving you speed or shields to help you do that.

Don't be afraid to improve your current skills

Even though it may be very tempting to get something novel and exciting, you should aim to enhance the majority of the things you already own. First off, to survive the middle and end of the game, you'll need the added power of high-level talents. Second, you can unlock characters and other abilities by getting certain skills to a certain level.

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