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Endless Zombies

Endless Zombies

Endless Zombies

In Endless Zombies, your main goal is to survive in the zombie-infested land. This is a game of skill, and your resourcefulness will be tested to the maximum. As you move through desolate landscapes, your survival depends on your ability to find essential supplies.

Keep an eye out for Ammo and Health kits scattered across the terrain. These kits hold the key to your survival, providing much-needed ammo to fend off the relentless zombie hordes and restore your health to endure the ongoing onslaught. Endless Zombies is more than just a survival challenge; it's a battle for supremacy against the relentless waves of the undead. How long can you endure?

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Left-click to shoot.

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