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Amanda the Adventurer 2

Amanda the Adventurer 2

Amanda the Adventurer 2

Amanda the Adventurer 2 is a game that immerses you in the realm of horror and spookiness. Amanda The Adventurer 2 will transport you to a fascinating world of adventure with its engaging narrative, visuals, and graphics.

You may play Amanda the Adventurer while viewing old VHS recordings of children's television shows in Riley's attic; these films were created by DreadXP Found Footage Jam. "Amanda the Adventurer" is a cute little animation that reminds viewers of 1990s children's educational programs. Fun Amanda constantly requests that you find objects on the screen. Despite her ability to properly imagine or write things, she strikes me as weird.

Adventurer 2's new journey will immerse gamers in the world of Amanda and her pals.


  • A succinct but complex single-player horror game.
  • Animated videos that masquerade as a welcoming children's animation but actually communicate a scary tale.
  • Classic CGI from the 1990s that brings to mind a simpler era in animation.
  • Views directly interact with characters -  Is it a dream come true for any 90s child's or a nightmare?
  • Using hints from the cassettes to solve difficult puzzles in the style of escape rooms.
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