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Grannys Mansion

Grannys Mansion

Grannys Mansion

Grannys Mansion is a game where you have a creepy horror mission that leaves you trapped in a strange place, trying desperately to escape. To escape, players must diligently search for clues and collect necessary items while moving through unfamiliar environments.

In the dim light of the small building, an evil grandmother is wandering, adding an element of horror to the quest. The atmosphere is tense, and every creak and groan of the villa makes the player feel nervous.

How To Play

  • WASD: Move through the mysterious mansion.
  • E: Take the necessary actions to progress.
  • F: Illuminate your surroundings with a light source.
  • G: Activate the camera for a different perspective.
  • R: Restart the mission if necessary.
  • L: Lock or unlock the cursor for precise interaction.

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