Play Craft Doors: Horror Run on Vampire Survivors

Craft Doors: Horror Run

Craft Doors: Horror Run

Craft Doors: Horror Run

Craft Doors: Horror Run will take you on a horror-filled and creepy escape. Your mission is to unlock all the doors and find your way out of this scary maze. To complete the missions in the game, caution is paramount, surrounded by darkness containing unexpected dangers.

Those who want to attack you are hiding somewhere in the maze, maybe right behind the door. You must be very careful not to become their victim. Run quickly, and collect keys and coins to help you escape more easily. Be alert, because the path to survival is full of unknown threats and challenges. Can you defy all odds, conquer the maze, and survive this spine-chilling experience?

How To Play

  • WASD: Use these keys to move.
  • Mouse: Control the camera with mouse movements.
  • Space: Press the spacebar to jump.
  • E: Use the E key to select.
  • P: Use the P key to pause.

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