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Deform It

Deform It

Deform It

Deform It takes players into a captivating world of object deformation. With 13 distinct ball options and a total of 14 engaging levels, this game offers a dynamic and visually stimulating experience. Set in space, Deform It introduces three unique game modes: Level Mode, Free Deform Mode, and Antigravity Mode.

Deform It combines a visually captivating spatial setting with innovative gameplay, encouraging players to master the art of object deformation across a variety of modes. Whether you're solving complex puzzles, unleashing your creativity in freeform exploration, or defying gravity in anti-gravity challenges, Deform It offers a diverse and exciting experience for players looking for both fun and mental stimulation.

How To Play

  • Use the WASD keys to move the camera. 
  • Press Q to move the camera up and E to move it down. 
  • Employ the left mouse button (LMB) for shooting projectiles. 
  • Use C to open/close the crosshair, and V to lock/unlock the cursor. 
  • Additionally, press P to open/close the PAUSE Panel.
  • For skills, activate the Double Shot skill with F and the Tripleshot skill with G.

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