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FoodHead Fighters

FoodHead Fighters

FoodHead Fighters

FoodHead Fighters is an interesting fighting game that gives players many unique experiences. You will control your character to participate in thrilling battles against other formidable characters. Each character is strategically designed with different power levels, giving you challenges to conquer and win. The difficulty of the game will increase with each level.

The main goal is to overcome each opponent, as success brings a series of rewards that enhance your fighting abilities. Accumulate these rewards strategically to level up your skills, or even enjoy purchasing stylish new skins for your chosen character. A dynamic reward system not only incentivizes your wins but also provides the means to customize and personalize your in-game avatar, adding excitement to your journey.

How To Play

  • Use WASD or the keyboard arrows to move your character.
  • Press SPACEBAR to make your character jump.
  • Press the Z key to perform an attack.
  • Use the X key to get the item.
  • Press the C to perform a kick.
  • Protect yourself by pressing the V key.

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