Play Zombcopter on Vampire Survivors




In Zombcopter, your mission is to destroy zombies to protect City Hall. Equipped with a series of powerful weapons, the Zombcopter is not only a flying vehicle but also a formidable war machine in the sky. As a skilled shooter, your responsibility is to take down the relentless zombie attacks. Reflexes and shooting skills will be the keys to survival.

Zombcopter promises to bring a new and interesting approach to the familiar zombie theme. Prepare for a unique adventure where you will face the most unpredictable zombie attack ever!

How To Play

  • Nudge the pilot forwards: H
  • Nudge the pilot backwards: S
  • Nudge the pilot left: A
  • Nudge the pilot right: D
  • Nudge the pilot upwards: E
  • Nudge the pilot downwards: Q

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