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FNF Playable Mayhem

FNF Playable Mayhem

FNF Playable Mayhem

FNF Playable Mayhem offers a fresh and exciting musical experience, accompanied by a diverse cast of characters. The mod features a total of four new songs, each contributing a unique flavor to the auditory journey in the game. These songs, specifically "Banbreaker," "Glamorous-Q-mix," "Postmortem," and "Stabbed-Back-Old," not only bring new sounds to the game but also new rhythms for the game. Unique to the game. special that players will definitely find interesting.

FNF Playable Mayhem takes players on a journey full of fun and emotions, providing a rhythmic and engaging experience through four unique and diverse tracks with many rich characters. Whether you're breaking barriers with "Banbreaker" or getting lost in the haunting melodies of "Postmortem," this mod, created by a community of fans, promises a vibrant and immersive experience. Suck in the world of Friday Night Funkin'.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to hit the right notes to the rhythm of the music.

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