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Dark War

Dark War

Dark War

Dark War will be a game filled with adrenaline, magic and a relentless fight against evil. Taking on the guise of a brave exorcist from an ancient order, one who has devoted his life to fighting evil forces. Weapon diversity is not only a choice but also a necessity for survival. Your arsenal extends beyond conventional swords to include advanced firearms, supplemented by infusions of magical abilities. The combination of these diverse skills forms the basis of your battle strategy.

Each battle plays out like a cinematic spectacle of skill and strategy. Devise a unique approach, tap into your arsenal and unleash your magical powers to defeat the forces of darkness. These intense clashes with major bosses will test not only your reflexes but also your ability to strategize effectively in the face of overwhelming odds.

How To Play

  • Use WASD keys to move.
  • Press the E key to use special abilities.
  • Press the Q key to use the item.
  • Press the R key to reload the weapon.
  • Press the M key to view the map.
  • Press arrow keys to run.
  • Press the spacebar for advice.
  • Click to aim.

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