Play on Vampire Survivors
Fullscreen is an exciting game that combines elements of survival, strategy, and a strategy apocalypse. In this game, you must kill as many zombies as possible to live.

The game is very simple. You start by making your character look the way you want and choosing a class. Each class has its own skills and powers. These classes range from fast melee fighters to ranged snipers, so you can choose the style of play that works for you. After choosing your character, you will be thrown into a large, barren area full of zombies and other survivors.

To survive in, you must handle your resources, work as a team, and make smart decisions. To survive in this harsh world, you have to scramble for things like guns, ammo, medical kits, and food. Exploring abandoned buildings, stealing items from cars, and fighting zombies are all part of the survival experience.

How To Play

Move - WASD / ARROWS Attack - MOUSE CLICK Jump - SPACE Pickup Weapon - E Show Stats - TAB.

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