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Zombie Area

Zombie Area

Zombie Area

In the game Zombie Area, zombies are on the rise and are about to turn all people into zombies. You are one of the few people left alive. You lock yourself in your house so the zombies can't hurt you. You are safe during the day. But when it gets dark, zombies are more likely to come out of the darkness and look for food. They're getting close to your house, and you're under attack.

To reach that goal, you have to kill the zombies when they try to break into your house. You have to kill them before they break through the door and get into your house. You have to kill a certain number of zombies every night. At first, one zombie at a time came. Then a bunch of zombies all came at once, and the door couldn't stop them. You can't run away if they break into your house. Besides, your house is not just one door. They have to run around those doors to get to the zombies and kill them. Try to stay safe and check out other fun shooting games like Zombie Mayhem Online and Zombie Madness.

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