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The Last Man

The Last Man

The Last Man

Survive by fleeing the facility infested with lethal aliens. Play as The Last Man alive in this survival horror top-down shooter. The Last Man is a survival horror game that takes place in an alien-infested facility. They assaulted soldiers, of which you are a member, and it appears that you are the last one to have survived. Locate and acquire all the weapons and equipment along the way. Find a way to escape these terrifying and ominous locations. These aliens can decapitate you with one blow.

Explore the area and search for an exit from the frightening location. Clearly, you will encounter a large number of aliens during this endeavor; however, keep in mind that a single blow to the skull will result in your demise. Therefore, you should always be armed for defense and offense. In space, there are numerous types of weaponry and other devices. Have fun!

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