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The Day Of Zombies

The Day Of Zombies

The Day Of Zombies

The Day Of Zombies is an immersive zombie survival shooting game that puts you in the role of an American ranger with an important mission: search for weapons across the map to survive in the endless war. As you move through the vast and diverse locations, your main goal is to collect a massive arsenal of weapons strategically distributed throughout the game.

Through endless challenges, you will have to prove your skills, strategy, and creativity to face the relentless attack from zombies. The game takes place in a vast world where danger and challenges await, encouraging exploration and strategic thinking to overcome the undead. Dynamic and challenging environments keep you on alert, presenting sudden challenges and opportunities as you try to stay alive in the face of constant threats.

How To Play

  • Move: WASD keys.
  • Shoot: LMB  keys.
  • Aim: RMB keys
  • Reload: R keys
  • Grenade: G keys
  • Jump: Space key

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