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Residence of Evil Quarantine

Residence of Evil Quarantine

Residence of Evil Quarantine

Residence Of Evil Quarantine is a horror-themed 3D shooter game. You are one of the very few people still alive in this zombie apocalypse. You'll need to use a variety of weaponry to battle the ferocious monsters, and you'll also need to uncover the truth behind the devastating viral epidemic.

Your only chance for salvation in a post-apocalyptic wasteland is to stay alive. You use a wide assortment of weaponry in your fight against all manner of savage monsters. You have been tasked with learning the cause of the recent deadly viral epidemic. The game features a wide variety of terrifying monsters and eerie locations; therefore, it's important for players to be well-armed at all times. It is up to you to break out of quarantine and learn what's going on in this peculiar town. There are 12 progressively more difficult levels to conquer. Good luck!

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