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Jinx & Minx Tower Escape

Jinx & Minx Tower Escape

Jinx & Minx Tower Escape

In Jinx & Minx Tower Escape, the two characters Jinx and Minx are trapped in a haunted, deserted tower with a haunting and creepy atmosphere. Your mission is to guide Jinx and Minx through dark corridors, and haunted rooms and solve puzzles to find the secrets of the tower. To complete the mission, the first thing needed is courage and full use of your intelligence.

As you guide Jinx and Minx, the story that unfolds interweaves elements of creepy excitement, a ticking clock, and rising suspense as you venture deeper into the tower's labyrinthine depths. Are you ready to face spooky challenges and solve mysterious puzzles? Embark on a macabre adventure and immerse yourself in a story where courage meets wits and the spirit of Halloween comes alive in the darkness of an abandoned tower.

How To Play

  • Navigate characters using the arrow keys and interact with objects via left-click or tap interaction.

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