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FNaF Shooter

FNaF Shooter

FNaF Shooter

FNaF Shooter is a scary survival game where you have to face a horde of animal robots that look friendly but are actually hostile. In this game, you no longer have to hide in the dark and keep an eye out for animatronics. You may instead stand and engage them with a choice of weapons. Utilize your survival abilities to demonstrate who is in command to the enemy. But do not be subjective; opponents will constantly surround you in large numbers.

FNaF Shooter is an online shooting game set in the world of the famous animated series Five Nights at Freddy's. The protagonists of this renowned saga are bloodthirsty robots, so prepare to wield your weapon with all your might and traverse the corridors of a dark and sinister shopping mall where you are trapped, all the while keeping an eye on your back to avoid a near-certain attack at the hands of these robots. restore peace and stability to mankind and save the planet from the most catastrophic invasion in its history. Will you be able to survive the night? Good luck!

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