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Five Nights at Christmas

Five Nights at Christmas

Five Nights at Christmas

Five Nights At Christmas will make you immersed in the cold suspense of Christmas night, making you fall into a nightmare during the holiday more than ever. You will be pushed into the center of a snow-covered forest, where every night presents a new set of cold missions to complete. In the midst of the freezing darkness, your survival is at stake when completing these tasks while being vigilant against the bad forces hidden in the wild area. Be careful with the cold bones threatening you, and never underestimate the ominous presence of the snowman, a mysterious entity that adds a terrorist layer to your painful nights. 

When you progress through the game, the challenges enhance, requiring strategic thinking, resourcefulness, and steely nerves to overcome escalating threats. The snowy landscape becomes a dangerous battlefield, with every night passing to bring horror and challenges to push your survival instinct limit.

How To Play

  • Use the WASD mouse, as well as the E and F buttons.

Experience the Christmas ambiance further by joining Santa Run.

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