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Evil Nun Schools Out

Evil Nun Schools Out

Evil Nun Schools Out

Evil Nun Schools Out is the game for the brave Evade the terrifying demon nun and pay close attention to the noises. You could die at any time! You are trapped within a haunted school in this 3D horror game. You are the only person there. There are no other species present. Some terrible old entity has assumed the appearance of a frightening nun. You must try to escape and make it out alive, but you must be extremely quiet since the demon nun can hear everything...

Now that you are afraid, your primary objective is to escape this weird environment while trying your best to thwart her nefarious scheme. During the next five days, you must explore the house, obtain resources, and avoid defeat at the hands of the nun. Turn off the lights and crank up the volume as much as possible to get the most out of this game and truly feel like you're at that terrifying school. Can you escape before it is too late?

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