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Buggy Wuggy - Platformer Playtime

Buggy Wuggy - Platformer Playtime

Buggy Wuggy - Platformer Playtime

Buggy Wuggy - Platformer Playtime is a basic yet enjoyable platforming game based on the horrific toy monster Huggy Wuggy. You must avoid numerous deadly hazards and creatures while collecting as many toys as possible.

Play this game right now to join a little boy on his scary adventure. Your job is to guide a little boy through the forest so he can avoid Wuggy Buggy and cross red rivers. Jump as high as you can to get away from them. If you get bitten or fall into the river by accident, you'll lose your life. You have three chances to stay alive. If you run out of lives, the game is over. Watch out for bats that are chasing you. Kill them by jumping on them. Get batteries to make your light work. Make sure you get as many toys as you can. Do your best to run to the door and get through it to move on to the next level.

How To Play

This game has 15 levels that get harder as you go through them. Try your best to win every level. Stop putting it off! Click to explore the dense forest, the dangerous forest, and the south pole at night.

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