Play Baby In Yellow 2: Babylirius on Vampire Survivors

Baby In Yellow 2: Babylirius

Baby In Yellow 2: Babylirius

Baby In Yellow 2: Babylirius

Baby In Yellow 2: Babylirius will take you into strange settings and creepy feelings. You will have to take care of a very strange child. This child was extremely strange and cruel. The child's eyes were filled with anger and hatred. Although the child's small body looked weak and innocent, he actually possessed the ability to fly through the air, open doors with the power of his thoughts, and perform many inexplicable feats.

While it presents itself as a nurturing game in which you meet your child's basic needs to make him or her feel better, the game contains more sinister elements. This is no ordinary care game; the child is far from typical. Of course, you'll perform the usual nanny duties—feeding, playing, washing, dressing, and putting your baby to bed. The child has a need, and your screen will display a list of tasks that must be followed carefully. Failure to do so will make your child increasingly angry and sad. On the contrary, this means you will have to face the wrath of a terrible creature from hell, and that might be the last thing you want.

How To Play

  • Use WASD keys to move in the game
  • Use the mouse to aim.

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