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Alien Reform

Alien Reform

Alien Reform

Alien Reform is a survival shooting game for third-person. The game is level-based, and the aliens become stronger with each level.

Six maps are available. These maps change every 12 levels. Before each level changes, there is a "FULL BOOSS" encounter. You must defeat all aliens to move on to the next level.

There are four heroes. Three of them can be acquired. A "daily ranking list" is created at the end of each day using the "player dailyXP" points earned at the end. You can purchase additional characters by using the "GOLD" earned through this ranking table. This "daily ranking tableau" is updated each day.

You can buy 15 sci-fi weapons and upgrade them with in-game cash. Strong weapons are required to defeat zombies. You can also use the "Bazooka", to eliminate zombies. Enter your rating and the daily XP you have earned in the "daily rankings table". You can buy new heroes with the "Gold" that you earn in this table. It is updated daily.


  • Leaderboard system
  • Realistic graphic
  • Global leaderboard system
  • Free unblocked zombie games
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