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100 Doors Escape Room

100 Doors Escape Room

100 Doors Escape Room

100 Doors Escape Room will be one the most exciting and large escape game games online with riddles. You have 100 doors that must be opened, which means you have 100 rooms to escape. The only way to solve this puzzle is through brilliance and logic, which we encourage you to try right now. After which, we will show how it's done!

Each level contains a door to unlock. You can use the mouse or the keys to interact with latches and keys to unlock the doors. As you progress through the English castle, the riddles become more difficult.

You must enter in order to exit. So solve the logic puzzles on each level, unlock all doors and see if it takes you 100 levels. Are you prepared? You can start now and continue to enjoy the pleasures that await you.

How To Play

Use the left mouse button.

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